Goal Setting Basics
Simple Steps to Success

Michael Ditton

Hi, I'm Michael Ditton and I'd like to welcome you to my Goal Setting Basics site.

At 8 years old I had dreams just like any other kid. At that time my goal was to be rich and famous. As a young entrepreneur trying to attain those dreams and goals, I set out and pulled my little red wagon from door to door selling fresh fruits and vegetables to earn extra money so I did not have to rely solely on my allowance to get there.


One of my goals was to sail around the world, so I put a 5 year plan in motion and after 7 years I began to live it.

It was while living this dream as one of the youngest cruisers on the water and being constantly asked how I accomplished this at such an early age, I realized I could share with others my successes and experiences and help them learn how to set goals and live their dreams.

This site offers you an array of information, tools and resources to help you in identifying, setting and accomplishing your Goals what ever they might be.

Inside you will find step by step guides on how to set goals, what SMART goals are and how to use them for setting objectives.

Whether you are working on a Personal Development Plan or Motivating Employees, this site has the tools for you.

Of course included in the tools are Worksheets and information on what Software is available for you.

To keep it a little on the lighter side we have a whole section on Free Motivational Quotes including Famous Motivational Quotes, Motivational Sports Quotes, Motivational Inspirational Quotes and Goal Quotes.

If you are trying to encourage a child or children, pre-teen or teen, this site offers Goal Setting for Kids. Part of the Tools included to excite them are ideas on Goal Setting Activities and Games.

You will also find words of wisdom, encouragement and resources used by some of the greatest Motivational Speakers from around the world.

My goal with GoalSettingBasics.com as an Author, Adventure Guide, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Motivational Speaker is to provide enough material, thought provoking ideas, inspiration and guidance to help you in accomplishing the Dreams and Goals you have set forth.

Let these Simple Steps to Success Motivate you!


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