Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation 100% Kona Coffee

Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Coffee is grown at a high-elevation in the heart of the world-famous Kona Coffee belt on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona Coffee

Private Reserve
Award-Winning 100% Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee

Private Reserve provides you with the best flavor and most aromatic coffee is our goal. The award-winning process begins with the beans. They are grown, processed and roasted on the slopes of the active Mount Hualalai volcano. This area provides rich growing conditions with its volcanic soil, mild climate, light winds, ample rain during the summer, high elevations and sunshine.

Our coffee beans are carefully cleaned, graded and processed through a Satake Optical Color Sorter. This sorter takes away black, orange and yellow beans which leave a bitter taste. Then the beans are roasted with our signature Diedrich Roasters to a French or Vienna Roast. Mountain Thunder Private Reserve 100% Kona Coffee is freshly roasted for you and comes in Vienna Roast (medium) and French Roast (dark), whole bean or ground.

Kona Coffee is known for nutty, chocolatey and slight cinnamon overtones, which can be found in our most popular roast, Vienna. Our French Roast provides a stronger aroma and slightly more robust taste.

Kealakekua Estate Organic Coffee

Kealakekua Estate Organic Coffee

Nothing that beats a fresh cup of 100% pure Kona coffee to your start your day, catch up with friends or head out the door with your to-go mug. The Vienna roast, which is a medium roast, is the most popular and is known for the nutty and chocolatey flavor. This particular Kona coffee also offers a slight fruitness.

This is a lighter roast that has a medium-dark color. This USDA certified coffee is comprised of all Kona coffee. It is not a blend. It comes from the Kealakekua Estate, a small, organic certified farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. The beans are grown at a high-elevation in the heart of the world-famous Kona Coffee belt. This estate is perfectly situated to produce exceptionally high-quality coffee beans.

Quality is an essential component to producing award-winning coffee at Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. Every step of the process is carefully managed from growing conditions, to hand-picking each bean and processing. Our coffee beans are roasted daily by an experienced Roast Master, vacuum packaged and shipped to assure you the freshest possible coffee. Our goal is to make sure your experience drinking Premium 100% Kona Coffee leaves you with the best flavor and most aromatic coffee.

Premium Espresso Roast
Award-Winning 100% Kona Coffee

Espresso Roast Kona Coffee

Mountain Thunder Premium 100% Kona Coffee Espresso Roast is freshly roasted for you and comes whole bean or ground. Espresso Roast is the darkest, richest roast. Perfect for classic coffee drinks like espressos, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and Cubanos.

Premium 100% Kona Kool, Kold Brew Coffee Award-Winning Cold Brew, Coarse Ground

Kona Cool Cold Brew

Kona Cool Cold Brew is a dark, rich roast ground coarse, designed to be steeped in water for 24 hours in your refrigerator. It makes for the perfect summertime coffee drink, served cold.

The Cold Brew process provides a smooth, yet bold, flavor that is a low-acid coffee with increased antioxidants. Cold Brew, after steeped, is a concentrate and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, cut with water, and enjoyed with cream/sugar. This refreshing Kona coffee drink is an ideal drink when you want a cold coffee beverage on those hot summer days.

If you are interested in a full selection of coffees, merchandise, mugs, body products or to sign up for MTCP Kona Coffee, Coffee Club and set your schedule to have this incredible coffee shipped direct to your door, check out their site at:



100% Kona Coffee

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation can provide your needs if you are a volume user such as an office, a coffee shop, restaurant or club, or you are a reseller. 

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation can also fulfill your need if you prefer special size packaging, custom roast, custom grinding, and automatic periodic shipments. 

Need custom packaging for corporate gifts, promotions, wedding favors ... at Mountain Thunder, we can create custom labels to help you commemorate or celebrate.

Mountain Thunder is happy to quote on quantities, large or small, pricing can be based on one-time purchase or annual volume.

Tax & Shipping may apply. Mountain Thunder can ship worldwide. Wholesale orders may also be picked up at our farm headquarters in Kailua-Kona, HI

Email your request to:

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